AeroGuard Flight Training Center has entered a new agreement with APCU/Center Parc Credit Union (APCU/Center Parc) to provide additional financial lending and support options for individuals pursuing their professional pilot careers.

Recognizing the financial barriers often associated with flight training, AeroGuard has joined forces with APCU/Center Parc to offer tailored financing solutions to students through CU Student Choice. Through this collaboration, aspiring pilots will have access to competitive loan options, flexible repayment plans, and personalized financial guidance to help them achieve their aviation goals.

AeroGuard looks forward to working with APCU/Center Parc to help students reach their professional careers as commercial airline pilots. This agreement marks another step forward in addressing the growing need for pilots, making the career path a viable option for a wider range of prospective students.

“In working with APCU/Center Parc, we aim to continue meeting the growing demand for skilled pilots across the U.S.,” said Joel Davidson, AeroGuard CEO.

Through its Pilot Pathway Program in partnership with SkyWest Airlines, AeroGuard’s students have a direct path to flying for the airline and ultimately reaching their career goals as pilots for major airlines.

In addition to working with APCU/Center Parc Credit Union, AeroGuard has established partnerships with several other financial institutions providing financing options for its students.

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