The Head of Training Meeting at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) in Orlando brought together industry leaders to address key issues in aviation training. Discussions centered on resilience development, continuous improvement in crew performance, data driven training, competency-based training, and future trends in aviation training.

Participants stressed the importance of balancing competence and confidence in pilot training to enhance resilience, advocating for cultural shifts in training methodologies. The meeting highlighted the necessity of ongoing improvement in crew performance and the complexities of standardization and assessment within competency-based training frameworks.

The role of data in training decision-making was a focal point, emphasizing the need for relevant and contextualized data to achieve effective training outcomes. Future directions in aviation training, such as integrating emerging technologies and emphasizing scenario based training, were explored.

Overall, the meeting provided a platform for insightful dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration aimed at advancing excellence in aviation training practices.

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