West Star has selected the next 25 apprentices for its new West Star Aviation Academy (WSAA) in east Alton, Illinois.

WSAA was opened earlier this year in collaboration with Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), as an initiative that aims to address the ongoing shortage of aircraft maintenance technicians, which has continuously been a challenge for the industry.

WSAA is located onsite and consists of a dedicated classroom along with a learning hangar. Apprentices have hands-on training, working with standard tools and other components including a Falcon aircraft, while simultaneously using WSAA branded versions of Corridor and other operational forms and procedures to better connect what they are learning with on-the-job experiences.

The first cohort of 25 apprentices will be graduating in August. These apprentices will start testing while completing four weeks of specific job training. By mid-September, the first cohort of graduates will begin working at West Star within the Falcon, Bombardier and Gulfstream program(s).

The second cohort will begin immediately after the graduation of the first cohort in late August. Recruiting for apprentices will continue for each upcoming session.

The academy is currently looking for mechanically inclined people with the right attitude to gain the skills, education and license required to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

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