OSM Aviation Academy to train pilots for first all-electric airline

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Electric aircraft advocates Quantum Air has chosen OSM Aviation Academy as a preferred pilot training partner.

A Quantum-branded pilot training program will be set up at OSM Aviation Academy with OSM committed to referring a steady supply of pilots trained to FAA commercial standards. Quantum Air will provide tuition reimbursement for select OSM cadets.

OSM and Quantum have both placed significant orders with Bye Aerospace in Denver, Colorado for the eFlyer all-electric aircraft from. The duo will begin receiving a total of 160 zero-emission aircraft at the end of 2021. These aircraft have will significantly lower noise pollution and enhance altitude performance.

"Quantum’s partnership with OSM means that Quantum pilots will fly commercially in essentially the same aircraft in which they trained,” said Tony Thompson, founder and CEO of Quantum. "Quantum commercial pilots will be intimately familiar with their aircraft, setting a new standard for safety."

Espen Høiby, CEO of OSM Aviation Group, was excited by the green initiative.

“Air travel is instrumental in bringing people together both regionally and internationally. Since humans will always have the urge to explore this world, we need to find sustainable solutions to meet that need," Høiby said.

Scott Akina, Quantum’s Vice President and Chief Pilot, said he expected to receive pilots who knew Quantum's systems inside out. "This will be no small part of the reason why Quantum will run the safest operation in the airline industry."


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