First F-light Line H135 Helionix Receives Qualification

18 January 2022

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EASA has qualified the first F-Light Line H135 Helionix Flight Simulation Training Device, a joint project of RS Flight Systems GmbH (RSFS) and RotorSky GmbH and powered by Reiser’s Level D software.

Shortly before the end of the year, RotorSky obtained EASA qualification by the Austrian aviation authority Austro Control GmbH for their first EC135 T3H (H135) flight simulation training device installed at their headquarter in Linz (LOWL), Austria.

The modular F-light line H135 Helionix training devices are driven by the same Level D software as a full flight simulator (aerodynamic and engine models, avionics, visual and aural cues, etc.). Only the QTG is adapted appropriately for the nature of the target device – generic aircraft class for FNPT and type-specific for FTD. The instrument panels are a one-to-one representation of the real avionics. The FNPT is available in two versions: a generic instrument panel layout that displays analog instruments and the Glass Cockpit “Helionix” replica, which is standard in the FTD.

The FNPT will be used for multiple ab-initio training programs, like Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), instrument rating (IR) and multi-crew co-operation (MCC).

The FTD is designated to be used for H135 Instrument Rating. Upcoming new regulations will   oblige Technical Crew Members (TCM) of HEMS operations to perform initial and recurrent training on a suitable FSTD. The H135 and the very similar H145 are the main helicopter types used in HEMS operations. RotorSky will offer the FTD also for TCM training to enable the pilot’s assisting crew members to keep and develop their recurrent skills.


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