Belgian Army customizes MASA SWORD in three months

4 September 2018

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The Belgian Army customized MASA Group’s SWORD, a next-generation wargame solution, for it’s own use within a record of three months. The Belgian Army selected SWORD as its constructive simulation solution in February – demonstrating, MASA says, how flexible and adaptable SWORD is and how users can make it work the way they need it to.

SWORD shows brigade and division command-post staff in large scale for conflicts, stabilization operations, terrorist threats or natural disasters to improve decision-making capabilities. The software simulates a range of situations in highly-realistic environments and lets trainees lead thousands of autonomous subordinate units on the virtual field.

The Belgian Army deployed SWORD in the simulation center at the northeastern province of Limburg, where it is used for command-post training at Company and Battalion levels, and can work alongside Virtual Battlespace 3, a desktop-training package and simulation host, based on commercial video game technology. A radio communication application is used during exercises and recorded communications can be replayed during or after action review.

The Belgian Army trained the simulation center staff and completed an exercise using SWORD as the constructive simulation.


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