US Air Force Elevates Digital Twin to the Next Tier

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The just-announced USAF contract to advance digital twin steps up the service's activities in this technology space, including its widely used digital twin for Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida -- the topic of the above community briefing. Source/credit: US Air Force/ Staff Sgt. Kendra A. Ransum.
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It was with little fanfare that Istari Digital announced this June 19 its award of an AFWERX contract dubbed “Model One,” touted to be “a groundbreaking program that will link models and simulations across the Air Force to address the most pressing challenges of ‘internetized’ warfare.”

With this development it’s time for the author to take another stance in his rankings of the US military services’ progress and vision in advancing technologies across the broad simulation and training enterprise.

I recently went on record noting US Army’s quickening pace to deliberately and collaboratively advance AI and opined this service was leading the other military departments in its embrace of this learning (training and education) enabler. And now Air Force has pulled ahead of the DoD pack in its efforts to more fully use digital twin across the enterprise.

Halldale has followed the learning community’s quickening embrace of digital twin across the military and in adjacent safety critical training sectors. But as a differentiator, this AFWERX contract to Istari has some bold underpinnings, including overcoming important technical- and like impediments and challenges to using digital twin in and beyond defense, by seeking to provide “secure, real-time, digital collaboration across difficult-to-integrate data types, unlocking digital speed of all innovation.”

MS&T and the other Halldale programs  CAT and Safety Critical Training look forward to following this and other defense-industry teams’ efforts to advance digital twin in and beyond the military enterprise.


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