L-3 Link Simulation & Training’s (L-3 Link) Crawley, UK-based operation has been awarded Level D certifications on individual simulators that replicate British Airways’ (BA) A380-800 and All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) B777-300ER platforms. The ANA B777-300ER full flight simulator (FFS) has the added flexibility to be reconfigured to support Level D aircrew training as a B777-200ER aircraft. The BA A380-800 FFS, which meets Airbus standard 1.3, achieved UK Civil Aviation Authority and European Aviation Safety Agency Level D certifications. It is the first FFS to be installed and approved at BA’s new Flight Training Centre at London’s Heathrow Airport. The simulator is being used to train pilots in advance of the introduction of BA’s A380 fleet later this year. Following five days of certification testing at ANA’s Flight Training Centre in Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau awarded Level D approval to the airline’s B777-300ER FFS, which is based on L-3 Link’s C2000X simulation technology.