European Pilot Selection and Training, a founding member of the International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP), is to offer its flight training organization customers a 20% discount of EPST Selection Services (pilot handling skills testing and/or pilot attitude testing) for all current and future students if they become an IAFTP Corporate Member and implement the IAFTP eCV™ programme when it is available. For those flight training organisations with more than 125 applicants per year it will make the cost of the annual IAFTP Corporate Membership plus the opportunity to issue the IAFTP eCV to its students essentially free as long as the FTO continues to use EPST Selection Services. EPST's Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System (COMPASS) consists of six tests which have been developed to test some of the key aptitude areas for the pilot profession. Flying experience is not required to perform well in the basic COMPASS tests.