AgustaWestland’s new AW189 flight training device (FTD) at its A. Marchetti Training Academy in Sesto Calende, Italy was qualified by an EASA / ENAC joint team to FTD Level 2 as per CS-FSTD(H). It is installed in the new simulation building that will include up to nine full flight simulators and five FTDs (flight training devices). The AW189 FFS will enter into service at the same time as the delivery and entry into service of the first AW189 helicopters.  The FTD has been produced by AgustaWestland and is operated by Rotorsim Spa, a joint venture between CAE and AgustaWestland. It features the AgustaWestland-developed flight dynamic model, avionics and aircraft software modeling combined with CAE core simulation technologies, and a high performance visual system with 150 degree by 60 degree field-of-view 12 foot dome display system.