Halldale Group, the leading B2B events company dedicated to simulation training industries worldwide, is joining forces with HelpMeSee to support their global effort to aid cataract sufferers with a partnership for its 2024 live events, WATS, APATS, and EATS

This exciting, new charitable partnership marks a significant step forward in the mission to support global safety training initiatives while making a meaningful impact on restoring sight and bringing hope to those in need.

Established four decades ago, Halldale has continuously evolved under the leadership of founder and CEO Andy Smith to remain at the forefront of safety training methodologies and technologies. Through live and virtual events, print, digital media, and a dedicated editorial team, Halldale Group serves as a trusted partner in disseminating best practices across safety critical industries worldwide.

"I'm delighted to offer our support to HelpMeSee," said Andy Smith. "Good vision is key to so many people in our community and it is natural that they should be part of our 2024 events schedule and that our WATS, APATS and EATS attendees, exhibitors and sponsors will get to experience, firsthand, the great work that HelpMeSee is doing around the world.

"Simulation technologies are once again showing their worth, and I'm sure that HelpMeSee’s mission will inspire many others in our community to offer them support.”

HelpMeSee, an innovative global nonprofit organisation, shares a commitment to transforming lives through competency-based surgical education.

HelpMeSee's journey began in the late 1970s with Albert L. Ueltschi, the visionary founder of FlightSafety International (FSI) and co-founder of Orbis International. Al's dedication to fighting blindness in developing countries laid the foundation for HelpMeSee's mission to eradicate cataract-induced blindness through simulation-based training. In 2010, Al and his son Jim founded HelpMeSee, driven by the belief that training local ophthalmologists was key to transforming eye care in underserved communities.

Despite Al's passing in 2012, his legacy continues to inspire HelpMeSee's international team as they strive to fulfill his vision. In 2014, HelpMeSee achieved a significant milestone with the completion of its first simulator prototype, paving the way for revolutionary surgical training. By 2015, the organization successfully trained its first surgeon on the simulator, signaling a new era in vision restoration.

At the core of HelpMeSee's training approach lies the Eye Surgery Simulator, a cutting-edge virtual reality training equipment that offers high-fidelity spatial, visual, and tactile realism. Through integrated training courses encompassing interactive eBooks, eLearning, and guided sessions led by certified instructors, learners can enhance their surgical skills and proficiency in a controlled practice environment.

"We are delighted to partner with an organisation like Halldale and be a part of three of the biggest simulation training events in the world, " said Dan Thorpe, HelpMeSee's Chief of Marketing and Development

"This collaboration gives us the opportunity to showcase the transformative impact of our surgical training solutions on a global stage. By being part of WATS, APATS and EATS, we hope we can help spread the word and further our mission to eradicate cataract-induced blindness through competency-based education and simulation training. Together, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals affected by cataract blindness."

Halldale Group is proud to support HelpMeSee's mission by incorporating the organization's innovative training solutions into its flagship live events. By joining forces, both organizations are poised to drive positive change, foster knowledge exchange, and advance best practices in safety training and healthcare education.

As Halldale Group and HelpMeSee come together to make a difference, we invite all attendees of WATS, APATS, and EATS to join us in supporting this worthy cause. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on restoring sight and transforming lives around the world.

For more information about HelpMeSee and its transformative work, visit their website at www.helpmesee.org.

 About Halldale's Live Events

WATS 2024

The World Aviation Training Summit is the world’s largest gathering of aviation training professionals, serving airlines, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, training providers and the training industry, designed by and for aviation professionals. It will be hosted in Orlando, Florida from April 30-May 2 2024.

APATS 2024 

The Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium is the Asia Pacific region’s largest gathering of aviation training professionals. The 20th edition will take place in Singapore from 9-11th September 2024.

EATS 2024

The European Aviation Training Symposium attracts 1,000 attendees from over 50 countries – all focused on best training practices. Two days of intense networking and information exchange with key airline training representatives await attendees to Europe's largest aviation training event. The next event will be held Nov. 5-7th in Cascais, Portugal.