WATS 2024

The World Aviation Training Symposium

30th April - May 2nd, 2024.

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida, US


The World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2024 is just around the corner, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever before. With a lineup of first-time exhibitors and sponsors, the event is set to showcase the latest innovations and advancements in aviation training.

As of April 4, 2024, we're thrilled to welcome several first-time exhibitors to the WATS floor that will provide a fresh new look for those who are regular visitors to our flagship event. From cutting-edge technology to innovative training solutions, these exhibitors are poised to make a significant impact:

  • *aviationscouts GmbH (Booth 812): Offering insights into cabin interiors, aviationscouts GmbH brings expertise in creating comfortable and efficient aircraft environments.

  • *Aviatize (Booth 509): Specializing in planning software for ab initio and training centers, Aviatize brings solutions to streamline training operations.

  • *AVT Simulation (Booth 709): AVT Simulation offers training devices, maintenance training, and XR solutions, with a focus on defense applications.

  • *CGS Immersive (Booth 708): With a focus on augmented reality (AR) training, CGS Immersive offers immersive learning experiences to enhance training effectiveness.

  • *Crowdbotics (Booth 408): Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Crowdbotics provides AI solutions for software and code use/reuse.

  • *Euramec Group (Booth 606): Euramec Group specializes in flight training devices (FTDs), catering to the needs of defense training programs.

  • *Figurr Architects Collective (Booth 609): Offering expertise in training center design, Figurr Architects Collective brings innovative solutions to create optimal learning environments.

  • *Fiji Airways Aviation Academy (Booth 601): With a focus on FFS sim time sales in Fiji, Fiji Airways Aviation Academy offers high-quality training opportunities.

  • From the Future (Booth 309): Bringing a VR training and education platform, along with AI and LMS solutions, From the Future offers cutting-edge training technologies.

  • *Gilmore Global (Booth 706): Gilmore Global specializes in the digitization of training materials, offering innovative solutions for modern training environments.

  • *Gözen Digital Aviation (Booth 307): Gözen Digital Aviation provides management software for training centers, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

  • *GS5 Corporation (Booth 830): GS5 Corporation focuses on VR training solutions, offering immersive experiences to enhance learning outcomes.

  • *J.L. Richards & Associates Limited (Booth 609): With expertise in training center design, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited offers innovative solutions for creating effective learning environments.

  • *Loft Dynamics (Booth 411): Loft Dynamics specializes in VR-based FSTDs, providing realistic training experiences for pilots and crew members.

  • Mass Virtual (Booth 228): Mass Virtual offers XR learning solutions, leveraging immersive technology to enhance training effectiveness.

  • Onward Aero (Booth 119): Onward Aero provides innovative solutions for aviation training, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

  • *Pacific Simulators (Booth 406): Pacific Simulators offers FTDs, returning to WATS with high-quality training solutions for aviation professionals.

  • *PilotEdge (Booth 111): PilotEdge specializes in simulated air traffic control (ATC), offering realistic training experiences for pilots and controllers.

  • *Serious Industrial Motion Simulators – SIMS (Booth 731): SIMS provides simulated mobile platforms and cranes, offering hands-on training experiences for heavy equipment operators.

  • *Tecnam (Booth 707): Tecnam offers lease training aircraft, providing high-quality training solutions for aviation professionals.

  • *Xennial Digital (Booth 828): Xennial Digital specializes in XR training solutions, offering immersive learning experiences for aviation professionals.

WATS 2024 728 x 90.png

In addition to our exciting lineup of exhibitors, WATS 2024 is proud to welcome several first-time sponsors. These sponsors bring valuable support and expertise to the event, further enhancing the attendee experience:

  • *Amplifire LLC: Offering adaptive and precision training solutions, Amplifire LLC brings innovative approaches to enhance learning outcomes.

  • *CGS Immersive: In addition to exhibiting, CGS Immersive joins as a first-time sponsor, further highlighting their commitment to advancing aviation training.

  • *J.L. Richards & Associates Limited: Co-sponsoring with Figurr, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited brings expertise in training center design to support the event.

  • *Symbiotics: Symbiotics specializes in the selection of candidates, providing valuable insights into talent acquisition for the aviation industry.

  • *Visionary Training Resources: With a focus on VR for pilots, Visionary Training Resources is a multi-year exhibitor dedicated to advancing aviation training.

Join us at WATS 2024 from April 29 to May 2, 2024, to explore these exciting new additions and discover the future of aviation training. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge technologies, and elevate your training programs to new heights. See you there!