One measure of the increasing demand for aviation training is illustrated by the new orders at Air Formation, a Toulouse, France, based company. The range of training covers not just flight deck crews, but also cabin crew and maintenance teams, and extends to courses on Security, Regulation and Aviation English; many of these bound together with heavy emphasis on CRM.

Last year nearly 9800 trainees came through the system, and already this year about 5,000 are scheduled to complete their training with Air Formation.

Recent orders cover a wide range of tasks and companies:

  • Airbus Group: Over 120 orders representing about 1,200 trainees. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the partnership with Airbus.
  • Zodiac Aerospace: Air Formation has been delighted to receive an order for Human Factors and SMS training for the Zodiac industrial site of Niort, France. This will extend to 700 trainees over the next two years.
  • UTC Aerospace Group: This is for annual training schedule which numbers 74 days of training for 750 trainees.
  • Snecma Safran: 5000 trainees to train before December 31, 2016.
  • Turbomeca Safran Group: Training on the Turbomeca Safran syllabus is scheduled for over 650 trainees.
  • Daher Socata: In addition to the partnership with Daher Socata to deliver the TBM 850/900 type rating course, the manufacturer entrusts Air Formation with the training of their ground engineers.
  • Thales Group: More than 70 engineers are already enrolled in the training program “Operational Environment”.