HighWater Innovations has announced the introduction of a larger version of their PlaneGard PED Fire Containment Case. The PlaneGard PG350 has been designed to handle laptops with screens up to 17" diagonal. While sales of the company's standard case, the PG250 are growing, it became apparent in late 2014 that corporate operators needed to accommodate larger size laptops that are not normally carried on-board commercial aircraft.

The PG350 model features the same capture device (aka "the scoop") that is an integral part of the PlaneGard technology, but has been increased to an internal size of 16" x 12" x 2". The smoking/burning PED is simply "scooped up" and safely dropped into the insulated case where the flames, smoke and toxic fumes are isolated and contained. Whether water is then added or not, the event is safely contained.