Historically the use of hydraulic systems for flight simulation motion platforms has proven to be both highly reliable and cost effective. More recently there has been competition from electric actuator manufacturers which elaborate their attributes.  A paper, which is available to view at on Flight Simulator Motion Bases compares the two systems: their attributes and deficiencies with concrete examples of the implementation of both. It explores the durability of each, along with evaluating the complexity of each system. Durability, ease of maintenance, adaptability and bottom-line efficiency are covered. The authors of the paper take an initial neutral position comparing the owning and operating costs associated with both, along with the daily operation of each system; the upkeep and repair of such systems as an owner would view it. The authors analytical evaluation of the two approaches as it pertains to their experiences with both designing such systems, long term maintenance and repair allows them to draw specific conclusions about the two systems specifically as it pertains to motion platforms used for flight simulation.