In May 2015 CTC Aviation and Wizz Air announced the launch of their inaugural CTC WINGS airline pilot career programme, designed to take aspiring pilots with no previous flying experience directly to the role of co-pilot, flying Wizz Air A320 aircraft across Europe. CTC Aviation has now launched a further two new routes to the Wizz Air flight deck. CTC WINGS 'Fast-Track' airline pilot career programmes will enable private pilot licence holders with additional flight experience (more than 154 hours total time) to join Wizz Air after completing one of these programmes.

Built upon EASA-FCL Modular regulations, there are two options from which to choose. Option 1 provides a comprehensive 50-week programme of ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training combined with Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating modules for multi-engine aircraft, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), an Airline Qualification Course (MCC and JOC) and concludes with the completion of an A320 Type Rating, using Wizz Air Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Option 2 is identical to option 1 but excludes the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training for those that have already passed the 14 examinations and takes a shorter period of approximately 25 weeks to complete. Both options are underpinned by the unique cover of Performance Protection which characterises all CTC WINGS airline pilot career programmes.

Following a rigorous selection process with both CTC Aviation and Wizz Air, successful applicants will receive a conditional offer of employment from Wizz Air prior to the commencement of training. Formal employment with Wizz Air, on an initial training salary, will occur prior to the commencement of A320 type rating training.