Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Campus is one of the first institutions to take advantage of ELITE Simulation Solutions’ upgrade packages that can bring systems up-to-date in cost-effective ways, according to Wayne Keyes, ELITE’s Director of Business Development. The school converted its ELITE RC-1 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) from conventional gauges to a G1000 glass cockpit – and since most of the components from the original device remained the same, it was able to lower the cost of the new G1000 AATD system.

ELITE says a lot of its simulators were purchased new when conventional gauges were the only option – and with all of the industry changes in the last decade, more operators need to update, upgrade and convert their simulators to incorporate some form of glass cockpit. Now the company is offering upgrade packages for a variety of its simulators that Keyes says “are a great way to reinvigorate an aging simulator, and to reflect changes in technology that have occurred since the original trainer was acquired. “Many of the existing components can be used in the conversion which drives the cost down as opposed to purchasing an entire new trainer.”

Embry Riddle’s RC-1000 currently can simulate nine aircraft models – and the school has plans to expand that list in the future. The RC-1000 features ELITE’s Enhanced Visual System (EVS) generator, adding immense value to both VFR and IFR training. The goal of ERAU’s RC-1 simulator conversion was to reflect the current trends in aviation, which includes transitioning into primarily glass cockpits.