Leading Low Cost Carrier (LCC), Air Arabia, has moved to a 100% electronic training environment by implementing Peak Pacific's 'clear' Training Management System.

The airline completed its transition from a fully paper-based environment to a fully electronic in March 2016 - it had earlier received approval from the GCAA for the operational use of the 'clear' system. The move is part of Air Arabia's shift to a scalable and evidence-based solution, as part of its overall strategy.

Captain Sami Slim, manager training for Air Arabia shared the significance of the move. "'Till a year ago, we were filling 240 forms a month on simulator training and 260 forms from line training. Today, we are 100% electronic. The 'clear' system allows us to manage training schedules, conduct training assessments, grade students (online/offline) and report on the many data sets available within the system against various groups and company benchmarks, thereby providing evidence-based data from the training performance. This has enabled our training team to focus on analysing and acting upon the data," he elaborated.

Peak Pacific founder and CEO Kishor Mistry commented: "We are delighted that Air Arabia believed in our technology-enabled learning environment and became the first airline to adapt and get GCAA approval for our EBT software product 'clear' to change the way Air Arabia conducts training assessments. It is always a real pleasure to see when an investment into a product pays off and helps our customers make a real difference. Whether that is saving the environment by going paperless, changing business processes for efficiency or being able to support the airline with data that provides quality training information for trainer, trainees and regulatory body, as these all go hand in hand."