CTC Aviation introduced a brand new initiative to attract more qualified pilots into its Airline Training Partnership (CTC ATP), consisting of a managed 'fast track' to airline career opportunities.

A dramatic increase in demand for both newly-qualified and experienced pilots from CTC Aviation's Airline Partners has resulted in the development and launch of a 'managed training plan' to enable successful pilots to qualify for 'fast track' placement into an airline.

Each pilot will be provided with a bespoke, cost effective training programme designed to meet their individual needs; based on training history, experience and recency. All routes will include some practical Multi-Crew training, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and advanced jet handling skills training. This will provide a time and financially efficient training route, by ensuring those holding the necessary qualifications and operational experience are able to access airline placement opportunities - without repeating elements of previous training or qualifications. The CTC ATP route is designed to feed the growing demand for high-quality pilots with CTC Aviation's Airline Partners.

CTC Aviation has also introduced a brand new enhancement to the programme: CTC ATP 'Performance Protection'. This provides pilots with the reassurance that should they not achieve the required standard for airline placement, CTC Aviation will refund 30% of their training fee (subject to terms and conditions).

All training will be delivered from CTC Aviation's Boeing and Airbus Crew Training Centre in Southampton, UK.

All applicants to CTC ATP are required to completed CTC Aviation’s selection process – and CTC will waive the £295 selection fee to those who apply and complete selection before 1 July 2016.

CTC Aviation will host a careers event for licensed pilots to learn more about CTC ATP and airline placement opportunities on Saturday 28 May at its Crew Training Centre – Southampton (UK).