L-3 Communications has announced the formation of its new Commercial Training Solutions division. The new business, which is part of the Precision Engagement & Training sector within L-3 Electronics Systems, has been created through the consolidation of L-3's flight simulator manufacturer, L-3 Link UK, and its global airline pilot training and resourcing organization, L-3 CTC Aviation.

"By bringing together these two world-class performers, L-3 now offers a seamless, one-stop shop that provides customized and affordable solutions to support the global commercial aviation training marketplace," said Steve Kantor, president of L-3 Electronic Systems. "Given the global pilot shortage and the growing need for pilot training at all proficiency levels, we are now optimally positioned to serve this market with our technical expertise and leading innovative products and capabilities, which will help us capture key synergies, grow our customer base, and expand our product and service portfolio."

This singular division has been specifically created to meet current and emerging market requirements and drive continued efficiencies. It has a global offering that spans the complete spectrum of commercial aviation training, with services that encompass selection, cadet (ab initio) training, resourcing and airline training (including recurrent, type rating and command training), all supported by high-technology simulation products such as the RealitySeven™ full flight simulator.

CTC Aviation and Link UK have been collaborating since the acquisition of CTC Aviation by L-3 in May 2015. This team effort resulted in the successful establishment of a training facility at London's Gatwick Airport (UK) that houses L-3 RealitySeven training devices for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft to support a variety of customers. It also yielded a highly successful partnership with Virgin Atlantic Airways to provide a B787 training and instructional capability (via CTC Aviation instructors) on a Link UK B787 RealitySeven FFS.

As part of this consolidation, the existing training portfolio of Link UK has been aligned with CTC Aviation's airline training business. This includes the company's training facility in Bangkok - the Asian Aviation Training Centre (AATC) - which has recently expanded from six to eight FFSs.

L-3 Commercial Training Solutions is located in Crawley, UK, and includes L-3 Link UK, L-3 CTC Aviation and L-3 CTC Private Jet.