Flyco Group has recently signed a further agreement with Azerbaijan Airlines to provide e-learning courseware for their cabin crew members.

Flyco has already been providing Azerbaijan Airlines pilotswith their computer based courseware and learning management system allowing them to benefit from Flyco's "Train Anywhere Anytime" applications for their pilots initial and recurrent training. With the addition of their cabin crew training, the training department will be able to gather all their users under Flyco's platform which will allow them to closely monitor user progress, assign additional coursework, track certification deadlines and identify knowledge gaps by obtaining extensive user performance data.

"We have been working closely with Flyco's technology department for a long time and we find them to be quite efficient and responsive. Our training department is genuinely satisfied by the performance of their support team and the quality of their overall system. We also obtain feedback from our pilots periodically and they have been quite satisfied with the "easy use applications" approach that Flyco has adopted in the past year. Therefore, we have decided to extend our collaboration with Flyco and also initiate the computer based cabin crew training process with them as well," commented Captain Tofig Farzaliyev, training manager of Azerbaijan Airlines.