Fulcrum Labs has won a prestigious Brandon Hall award for its works with Allegiant Travel Company, earning Best Advance in Compliance Training for the Flight Operations Basic Indoctrination training course.

Often called the "Academy Awards" by the Learning & Development industry, the award recognizes Fulcrum for the creation of a highly engaging, efficient and effective path to demonstrate compliance, a noteworthy advancement for this traditionally lackluster curriculum. The new Basic Indoctrination course is the first in the aviation industry to use adaptive technology, custom content, and a personalized learning approach.

The Basic Indoctrination course has been virtually unchanged since 1960 because it's considered "standard" information and is overlooked regarding curricular innovation. This created an opportunity for Fulcrum Labs to work with Allegiant to create a state-of-the-art adaptive, personalized learning experience that motivates learners and measures performance.

"As a low-cost carrier, we are always interested in approaches to compliance training that brings us savings both in time and money. Moving much of our ground school to an online format and out of the classroom, gives our new hire pilots the convenience of self-paced, at-home learning. But personalized, adaptive training also brings us the peace of mind that our pilots have truly achieved mastery at every step of their training. It als gives us the analytics we need to be more effective and efficient in our training approach," said Daniel McCoy, chief learning officer at Allegiant Air.

Brandon Hall analyzed both the technology platform and the training curriculum and content of the Basic Indoctrination course, which is a computer-based asynchronous course that features an adaptive engine and gaming theory to engage students while helping them to achieve mastery of the subject matter. As students work through scaffolded content and choose their personalized path for learning, they can watch videos, read e-book style notes and pratice with interactive activities. No student can pass through a section without meeting the score criteria, which means, at some point, every student has to answer higher order thinking questions to prove mastery.

"The legacy classroom and e-learning models simply don't inspire today's learners. Together with Allegiant, we've created a game-changer - a course that not only alters the way aviation professionals learn, but also how we measure what they have learned," said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. "Each student has a unique path to mastery and proves competency by working through relevant activities, while data analytics tell us exactly the depth and degree to which a concept has been mastered. This coveted award is a testament to our innovative approach to compliance management."