Primera Air has been using cockpit procedure trainers developed by Aviation eLearning for B737 Next Generation type rating and they have reported positive results.

After training with the interactive app, Primera Air Training Manager Jan Packert, reported that they managed to reduce the time for ground operations (from seated to airborne) from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 45 minutes in the first simulator session and even to 25 minutes in the following sessions. The extra time gained gave students an opportunity to perform other maneuvers, which led to reaching a higher standard in fewer simulator sessions.

By training with the cockpit trainers prior to the simualtor session, the crew were better prepared for the simulator training and had more time to repeat exercises and practice several other items as well. According to a report from Primera Air, the time saved during ground operations provided more time for flight training later during the simuator session.

Primera Air reported that their crew were more movtivated using the cockpit procedure trainers because of engaging interactions that create more interesting learning experience and may replace simulator procedure training.