CTC Aviation has achieved its first 120 enrolments on its BSc (Hons) Degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice, delivered in partnership with Middlesex University.

Embedded within the CTC WINGS airline pilot career programme syllabus, and fully meeting all UK CAA requirements, the option to integrate this degree into training is rapidly gaining in popularity; the number of enrolees has doubled in less than a year. The degree is accepted by many CTC WINGS Airline Partners for their programmes, such as the CTC WINGS Virgin Atlantic Future Flyers Programme and the CTC WINGS Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme.

The first degree of its kindm CTC Aviation began offering the qualification as an exclusive provider in January 2014. The course is designed to enable CTC WINGS trainees to critically reflect on their airline pilot training, development and practice. It allows trainees to have their skills recognised as an academic qualification which is itself recognised industrywide and, most significantly, by potential airline employers.

Many newly-qualified pilots are now flying the line whilst finishing the degree. The very first trainees to complete the programe are already flying the line with easyJet and are expected to graduate from Middlesex University in 2017.

Mick Betts, director of Aviation Programmes at Middlesex University commented: "It is really gratifying to see we have reached such a tremendous number of enrolments and that we will soon have our first group of graduates completing the degree. The calibre of CTC Aviation trainees recruited to the programme has been impressive and I am sure that all graduates will go on to be very successful career pilots. I have no doubt that our joint degree with CTC Aviation is meeting a clear industry demand and will continue to prosper."