Flyco Training Solutions has entered into a long term agreement with two operators AirX GmbH and Advanced Aviation Logistics in Germany.

Flyco will be deploying their Advanced Learning Management System and providing the two newly joined companies with their extensive courseware library to cover the training requirements of their pilots, cabin crew members, dispatchers, technicians, managers, handling personnel, loadmasters and ground personnel.

As part of the agreement, the training departments of both companies will be able to create, edit, and modify exams, closely track and monitor overall training performances of their personnel, build up and implement company specific courses throughout the year. The users of the system will be able to benefit from functions such as offline training, automated course expiry notifications and individual performance reports.

The courseware and the Learning Management System of Flyco has already been fully approved by German Civil Aviation Authorities and in compliance with EASA, IATA, ICAO, FAA and various other regulatory authorities.