EDM has won an order to manufacture an E170 door trainer for S7 Airlines.

The door trainer will be used to train the airlines’ cabin crew to use the Embraer E170 exit door under all normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. Features will include door arming and disarming, emergency operation, emergency lights and door status indicators. Integrated door malfunctions include handle and door block, power assist failure and slide deployment failure.

The Russian airline’s training instructors will be able to operate the door via an easy-to-use touchscreen Instructor Operator Station (IOS) that simulates all the faults and malfunctions that may be encountered by the cabin crew under actual operational conditions.

Designed and built to meet international regulatory standards, the door trainer will be positioned at operational height and fitted with a real slide to allow crew to be fully trained in slide safety and emergency procedures.

EDM will design and build the E170 door trainer at its Manchester headquarters in the UK before shipping and installing it at S7 Airline's crew training centre in Moscow.