ANA Holdings will invest about 40 billion yen ($360 million) in new training facilities that can replicate such situations as accidents and inclement weather to improve the quality of its pilots and flight attendants.

The new facility will be built in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and will boast eight floors totaling 60,000 sq. meters of space. Work will begin as early as this summer with plans for competition by the spring of 2019. The 40 billion yen investment will go towards procuring the land and construction costs.

The investment will go toward better machines and equipment for training. For example, the company will consider introducing a movable model aircraft that can simulate evacuating passengers from slides while the plane is tilted. Currently, workers train on a level, fixed-position model, but many real incidents occur in rougher conditions that ANA is working to simulate.

ANA is also moving towards consolidating training for its airport staff, which it currently performs in another location, into its new facility. The airline envisions joint training of airport and on-board staff to enhance cooperation and responses to challenges like poor weather and accidents. It will also consider introducing a simulator for the Japan-produced Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

Incoming and outgoing flights are expected to increase at Tokyo's Haneda and Narita airports by around 10% as Japan gets closer to hosting the 2020 Olympics.