Quadrant Group continues to progress development of a Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE) solution for flight simulators, called QUADRANT INTERACT™.

Recent milestones include the successful integration of INTERACT in high fidelity, fixed-base FTDs manufactured by Multi Pilot Simulations BV (MPS).

This is another significant step towards INTERACT becoming commercially available as an innovative new training tool, expected to enhance both ab initio and advanced pilot training on all levels of flight simulation training device.

Proving INTERACT in latest generation FTDs follows previous integration with a FFS at Quadrant’s Pilot Training Centre in the UK.

Demonstrations of INTERACT have now been given to a broad spectrum of industry stakeholders including training providers, airlines, system suppliers and training device manufacturers.

Quadrant Group continues to support industry activity concerning SATCE. Dr Jeremy Goodman, who is the Product Manager for INTERACT, has worked collaboratively as the Editor for the FSEMC Working Group on SATCE alongside other industry representatives and has contributed to guidance from ICAO, ARINC, IATA, and IFALPA.

Jeremy will be speaking on SATCE at WATS 2017 (Day 2) on Wednesday 3rd May alongside Professor Dan Macchiarella Ph.D, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach FL, USA.

Quadrant will also be happy to see you at WATS Booth #400.