Boeing's eighth Pilot & Technician Outlook forecasts the need for more than 1.2 million pilots and technicians over the next 20 years.

The OEM says between 2017 and 2036, the world's commercial aviation industry will require approximately 637,000 new commercial airline pilots, 648,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians and 839,000 new cabin crew members.

This latest outlook shows an increase of 3.2% in pilot demand over the 2016 outlook yet a 4.6% decrease in the need for airline maintenance technicians, with the latter primarily driven by the reduction in maintenance hours required on the 737 MAX.

Boeing predicts the demand will be largest in the Asia Pacific across the board (253,000 pilots, 256,000 technicians and 308,000 cabin crew), whereas Russia/CIS will only need 22,000 pilots, 25,000 technicians and 28,000 cabin crew in comparison. Africa will also see a lower demand than most over regions over the next two decades (24,000 pilots, 23,000 technicians and 28,000 cabin crew). Latin America will need more personnel than both Russia/CIS and Africa (52,000 pilots, 49,000 technicians and 52,000 cabin crew), but not as many as the Middle East (63,000 pilots, 66,000 technicians and 96,000 cabin crew).

Finally, North America and Europe are nearly on a par in terms of demand, with the former estimated to require 117,000 pilots, 118,000 technicians and 154,000 cabin crew while the latter require 106,000 pilots, 111,000 technicians and 173,000 cabin crew. However, both are still trailing far behind the APAC region.