A new collaboration with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University means students on the Engineering and Innovation program at Mexico's CETYS University will gain access to 'partner courses' consisting of approximately 45 hours of content taught by Embry-Riddle Worldwide instructors.

The graduate-level classes include content from Embry-Riddle's Master of Science in Aeronautics; Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability; and Project Management degree programs. These courses were selected as they meet specific knowledge requested by the aerospace and aviation sector in Mexico. Additional relevant science courses have been identified and could be offered over the next year.

“This is a great opportunity for both institutions to collaborate, especially as we will meet the needs of the global aviation industry,” said Embry-Riddlle Worldwide's Chancellor, Dr. John Watret. Embry-Riddle Worldwide encompasses more than 125 campuses and online learning opportunities around the globe.

Dr. Fernando León García, Rector of CETYS University, added, “We are working on synergies. The synergy of the strength that the aerospace and the aeronautical cluster brings to Mexicali, the needs they put on the table, the solutions that CETYS is already capable of providing but the added value that having a partner such as Embry-Riddle provides."

The agreement was solidified in June at a meeting of CETYS senior administrators, local economic leaders and regional aerospace industry representatives from Honeywell, Gulfstream Aerospace, UTC Aerospace Systems and others to solidify the agreement.

Alonso Kong, Director of Gulfstream Aerospace, commented, "We believe that collaborating with Embry-Riddle will bring a different perspective to our current engineering departments,” while Miguel Blancas of UTC Aerospace Systems said the partnership will be “very positive.”