Alsim has sold an ALX SEP (Cessna 172) MEP (PA44) and Beech 200 to OMNI Aviation Group which will be placed with the OMNI Aviation Training Center (OATC) in Portugal.

OMNI Aviation Group has been a client of Alsim’s since 2008 and already owned an AL200 MCC. Alsim proposed OMNI a buy-back of their old simulator to replace it with an ALX.

OATC offers initial and recurrent training for pilots, cabin attendants and dispatchers on ATR aircraft to Airbus A320s, Boeing 777s and helicopters. The centre has access to cabin and slide mock-ups as well as its own flight simulator.

Joaquim Oneto, Head of Training at OATC, explained, “We were very satisfied with our AL200 MCC and Alsim’s aftersales service, but we needed a simulator that complies with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/539 and the requirement for performance-based navigation (PBN). The AL200 MCC, although an excellent training tool, does not have that capability. That is the reason why we chose the ALX.”

Audrey Jeffroy, Alsim’s Sales Director, added, “We were very happy to propose such a great tool to our client OMNI and we know it will help them keeping a high standard of their training.”