CEFA Aviation was recently recognised in the ‘Great Export’ category at the French International Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Export Trophies (Trophées Alsace Export).

The award recognised CEFA Aviation as a company which, since its inception 17 years ago, has helped promote Alsace in the international aeronautics industry. Each year, it invites around forty clients and prospective clients to its Colmar headquarters for training. While in the region, they enjoy local food and drink as well as tourist attractions. The company welcomed guests from Kazakhstan and Nigeria in November, China in October, Saudi Arabia in September and Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US in June.

“Thank you to all our partners and, of course, our clients who place their trust in our 3D flight data animation software and services,” commented Founder and CEO of CEFA Aviation, Dominique Mineo. “In aeronautics, you export as a matter of course, not just to gain strength. Ever since we started out, our target market has always been the world!”

Export accounts for 96% of CEFA Aviation’s revenue and, in 2014, this figure exceeded 98%. Each year, 40% of the company’s turnover is invested in research and development. Following the launch of CEFA Aviation Mobile Services, the company is now recruiting software engineers and technicians.