Ansett Aviation Training simulator instructor Captain John Laming (pictured) recently celebrated his 86th birthday, which the company believes makes him one of the oldest pilot training simulator instructors in Australia and, possibly, the world.

John began his flying career in 1948 as a ‘general dogsbody,’ working for the Sydney Morning Herald throwing newspapers from a Lockheed Hudson and a Douglas DC3 on newspaper delivery flights to outback New South Wales.

Following this, he pursued a career in the Royal Australian Air Force, flying Mustangs, Vampire Jets, Lincoln Bombers, Convairs, Viscounts, DC3’s and other military aircraft. Eventually, John became a military aircraft accident investigator and later an Airways Surveyor for CASA (while it was known as DCA).

In 1976, John joined Air Nauru flying F28 and Boeing 737-200 aircraft. After 13 years, he went on to fly 737 aircraft in the UK, Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Following his flying career, John joined Ansett Aviation Training as a simulator instructor, gaining all the required approvals to conduct Type Ratings and Testing on the Boeing 737-300 simulator. With over 23,500 flying hours experience, John is a highly respected simulator instructor and member of the Melbourne Ansett Aviation Training pilot training centre.