Flyco Training Solutions (Flyco) is to provide Romania’s flag carrier TAROM Airlines with E-training solutions for its crew and personnel.

Flyco’s E-library consists of content and training material for pilots, cabin crew members, dispatchers, technicians, managers, handling personnel, loadmasters and ground personnel.

With the recent expansion of its aircraft type cabin E-courses, Flyco will be able to offer TAROM’s cabin crew training department relevant courseware on aircraft types including the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and ATR 42 & 72 as well as a variety of general subjects courses.

More broadly, Flyco’s highly automated system will allow TAROM’s training department to identify knowledge gaps, track progress and monitor training status for each individual user. The carrier’s training department personnel will be able to create reports and obtain crew certificates utilising the reports system Flyco’s A-LMS provides.

Admin training personnel will have access to functions such as the Assessment Creation Center, Advanced Report Server and License Auto-Track, and are free to create their own training content as well as obtaining valuable data on crew training performance.