The rules for trainee and qualified pilots about Performance Based Navigation training are changing.

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 539/2016 Performance Based Navigatin (PBN) amends Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (the Aircrew Regulation) requires that from 25 August 2018, pilots may fly in accordance with PBN routes and procedures provided that they have a PBN privileges endorsement to their Instrument Rating (IR). From 25 August 2020 all pilots must have a PBN privileges endorsement to their IR or En-route Instrument Rating (IR).

To meet this training need, digital aviation publishers, Padpilot, has launched an interactive iBook manual teaching the PBN theory requirement. The iBook is for current or recent ATPL students who have not yet passed the PBN version of the ATPL Radio Navigation examination and for any pilots who require the PBN endorsement on their licence.

This new iBook contains all the knowledge required for the PBN endorsement and the supplemental PBN examination. The text, as always, is straightforward and easy to read while the interactive study features, illustrations and video bring the theory to life, aiding understanding and memory retention.