Astrom Aviation Technology released its Smart Simulator Assessment System (Smart Sim), its latest generation for pilot proficiency checks. Setting Smart Sim features two new functionalities:

  1. Flexible Structure - lets instructors handle complicated scenarios in proficiency checks such as adding a reinforced training session.
  2. Multi-Grading Method – airlines can opt to use the traditional simple grading method (scoring 1 to 5 for each task) or select the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - based grading method that allows for weighted scoring for each task on 9 KPI such as leadership, situation awareness, etc.
Smart Sim includes an array of reports and statistical analysis including options to evaluate the ability of the trainees in proficiency checks, which the company says is a better matrix to measure of the performance of trainees than raw scores, analyze the correlations among the KPI factors and underlying reason codes to help an airline understand a trainee’s strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate the Instructor Rating Index that offers visibility into the performance and intensity of instructors and how they evaluate trainees.