Skyborne Airline Academy, a new airline training academy, launched at Gloucestershire Airport in the U.K., under the guidance of owners and aviation training figures Tom Misner, Skyborne Chairman; Lee Woodward, Skyborne CEO and previous business development director at CTC Aviation; and Ian Cooper, Skyborne COO and former operations director at CAE.

The new academy will welcome its first intake of cadets in October 2018, initially offering full-time frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL) training.

Woodward says the academy will use the country’s first Boeing 737 Max FTD1 simulator, have direct access to a dedicated ramp with a short taxi to the runway from the flight operations center, and link to several British cities and aviation airports.

The leadership team sees Skyborne adopting an entirely fresh approach to airline pilot training through progressive continuous learning (PCL) and says it will focus on quality rather than quantity.

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