Coinciding with its presence in the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), the Spanish firm Simloc announces the successful completion of the design, manufacture and assembly of a A320SR certifiable, generic simulator for the Canarian Brokair Aviation Group. The simulator will be integrated for the first time in the cabin of a real fuselage.

A few months ago Brokair Aviation Group announced the acquisition of this Simloc simulator, generic type A320SR MCC, through its division Brokair Aviation Academy. With this modern Brok-air simulator, it becomes the first center in the Canary Islands that will be able to offer first class training to different groups of the aeronautical sector.

According to sources of the company, with the integration of the simulator in the cabin "we will be able to give basic training courses for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (TMA), Aircraft Type courses for TMA'S certifiers up to the specific courses for MCC pilots (Multi Crew Cooperation), preparation for airline tests, flight initiation courses and for Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP).”

As a result, Simloc has achieved a pilot-training device that mimics the cabin and all the original panels. Once painted and the whole package is carpeted, the impression is to enter a completely new plane, with a fully-functional cabin.

The Brok-air fuselage has two main access doors to the plane, an evacuation ramp, 14/17 rows of passenger seats, service areas, bathrooms and other elements of an aircraft of this kind.