Flyco Training Solutions have announced that they will be providing Virtual 360 within their platform to enhance the scope of their training services.

Flyco Virtual 360 will be available to both the cockpit and the cabin allowing the users to benefit from a 360 view of various aircraft types. The system will allow the training department to be able to upload the training material onto the virtual platform via the VTS Editor, which will be beneficial for the procedures training undertaken for different aircraft types.

The VTS-360 function will also be available for the ground personnel covering the exterior of the aircraft which will allow them to familiarise with the aircraft and train for certain ground operations.

Flyco will initially be offering the Virtual 360 function to its clients as part of their Advanced Learning Management System (A-LMS).

"By adding the VTS 360 to our learning management system as part of crew e-training tools, we believe that we now are able to offer an even more comprehensive e-training services to our clients and to their crew. Combined with our other innovative system functions such as the competency based training, the users now have more interaction more with their e-training and save valuable time by receiving more tailored training,” commented Orcun Sufraci, Chief Technology Officer of Flyco Group.