NetJets and KURA Aviation's third round of First Officer recruitments is open through November 30, 2018 for experienced Pilots to apply to become First Officers with NetJets. The following interview with Richard Parkinson, pilot recruitment manager for NetJets Europe, provides insight into this recruitment campaign:

Why are NetJets recruiting? Having not recruited for some years, and in addition to a steady growth in our business, we have a need to increase our pilot workforce.

How many First Officers have been recruited this year? We are looking to recruit 60 this year of which we have already identified approximately 50%. We need to get our new intake into NetJets by April so as to be ready for the 2019 busy summer period.

How many First Officers are required next year? We would expect a similar number next year.

What are the key attributes of a NetJets First Officer? As well as having first class flying skills, we’re looking for candidates who have excellent communication, teamwork, customer service and problem solving skills. Our Pilots have direct contact with our aircraft owners and must be able to demonstrate their ability to give outstanding service whilst at the same time respecting our strict safety ethos.

What does the interview process consist of? Online application. Stage 1 at KURA Aviation including a panel exercise and computer based capacity test. Stage 2 at FSI Farnborough including an individual interview and simulator check.

What is the timeline from application to flight deck? We are offering jobs within approximately 8 weeks of application. New joiners complete an Indoc course and then travel to the US to complete a Type Rating. The main delay during this process is on account of the notice period needed by the applicant.

What are the three best reasons to fly for NetJets? 1. You get to fly famous people in modern, high performance business jets into hundreds of different and challenging airports including category C alpine airfields. 2. You have a 6 on/5 off roster which is published 2 months in advance. 3. This is a ‘hands-on’ job both in terms of flying as well as decision-making. What happens on the day is greatly affected by your resourcefulness and ability to work on your own initiative. In a nutshell, you get to do all the things that airline guys wish they could do.

Pilots who meet the application criteria, including a minimum of 1500 hours total flight time, can apply online for this unique career opportunity at