Coptersafety has announced a new appointment of a full-time flight instructor, Gerardo Donatelli, to support its mission in helping operators to enhance safety in their operations.

Gerardo brings with him 27 years of professional aviation experience. After joining the Air Force Academy in 1992, he served the military for 16 years. So, in 2008, when he took a leap of faith and entered the civil helicopter operations, he moved on to SAR operations. From there on out, between 2008 and 2015 he was able to gain experience in the SAR, HEMS and offshore operations around the globe as he worked for companies such as; Westar Aviation, Abu Dhabi Aviation, etc. During Gerardo's military career, he also worked as a Safety Officer and Operation Manager.

“In 2015 I started as a freelance instructor at Coptersafety. Soon after that, in 2016, I also found another job flying offshore and also training on the AW139 again,” tells Gerardo. “Not long after I had started, I was the only TRI/TRE on the line at the time. Training the pilots was one of the most completing experiences of my flying career. When I was preparing the pilots, who were doing their initial training in the real AW139 helicopters, I was able to apply and teach things I had already been teaching in the simulator at Coptersafety. This duality between Sim and real Helicopter really brings up the level of teaching,” said Gerardo.

“Due to my long career as a pilot and instructor, I have gained much know-how and experience I now want to share,” states Gerardo, whose motto is “if you have any doubts or questions, even the smallest, speak up.”