Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) is investing a total of €89-million in pilot training equipment and in the infrastructure of its own training locations to meet the high customer demand.

Currently, Lufthansa Aviation Training operates 54 full flight simulators (FFS). In 2019 and 2020, the training fleet of the training provider is going to be upgraded to 60 simulators through new purchases. 

Long-haul segment

At both Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, LAT is responding to the fleet strategy of Lufthansa Airlines: in Frankfurt two Boeing 777-9 FFS are scheduled to go into service as well as one Airbus A350 FFS in Munich. There is an increasing need for training on both aircraft types considering the integration of Boeing 777-9 jets within Lufthansa Airlines in 2020 and with regard to the Airbus A350 aircraft based in Munich. All three simulators will be ready for training by mid to late 2020.

Airbus A320

LAT has certified and commissioned a new A320 simulator at its training location in Berlin in March 2019, and a second one will follow in June. The two latest additions will move to Vienna in 2020 after completion of the training center there.

Opening up new business segments

With the acquisition of a new Boeing 737MAX-FFS for the Berlin training location, LAT has expanded its own product portfolio by a further aircraft type and has created new training capacities.

LAT is taking a further important step by investing in its first combined helicopter simulator H145/135 to go into service at the training center in Frankfurt.

“2019 is a special year for us, because with the largest investment in the history of Lufthansa Aviation Training in the field of pilot training, we are setting a decisive course for meeting the high customer demand in the future," says Ola Hansson, managing director of Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Site expansion projects

The training location of LAT in Munich will be expanded by four additional spaces by 2020, two of which are planned for the new A350 FFS and one for the Embraer 190 FFS to be taken over from Frankfurt. The remaining two spaces will be used for flexible further planning, taking into account the growth at the Munich hub.

In Vienna, LAT is not only pursuing the necessity of serving the existing training volume in Austria but also seizing further market opportunities as a training provider. The simulator center will be extended, gaining three additional FFS spots and two more for flight training devices (FTD). In 2020, two of the three newly won simulator spaces will be used for the Airbus A320 simulators coming from Berlin and one will initially remain free for flexible future use.