New cutting-edge digital solutions are currently being deployed by CAE to deliver a superior training experience for the business aircraft training pilot training market.

CAE is continuously rolling out integrated technologies and services to reduce the complexity of managing pilot training before, during and after full flight simulator sessions.

CAE recently launched an electronic training and checking authorization (eTCA) application to better manage booking requests for training centres dedicated to business aviation. The CAE eTCA is a digital solution that has simplified the process for pilots booking their training requests, which they can now complete in a few simple clicks. This eTCA is available for booking requests at CAE Amsterdam and CAE London Burgess Hill and will soon be offered at CAE Dubai. Further deployment to additional training centres that are part of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) network will follow in the upcoming months.

The eTCA is the latest of CAE's digital solutions such as the CAE Terminal, an online customer portal that provides instant access to training requests, documentation, training records and reservation details. CAE also offers online reference materials that are accessible prior to training at CAE Dallas and CAE London Burgess Hill.