Trade associations exist for many sectors of the aviation industry, nationally, regionally and internationally. While there are some regional associations of Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) for air transport pilots, there is no international association. This absence of a global voice adversely affects ATO's leverage with other stakeholders, especially ICAO, Civil Aviation Authorities, aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers and air carriers.

Training is growing to meet the increased demand for commercial pilots, and complex issues arise when pilots, air carriers, manufacturers and ATOs from different regions operate under different CAA jurisdictions. Creating an international ATO's association would be timely. This long-standing issue has been addressed by the Royal Aeronautical Society's Flight Crew Training Group and although certain ATOs have contributed to helpful discussions, to gain industry-wide consensus, with some 2,500 ATO's worldwide, it is necessary for as many ATOs as practical to meet to explore further an association's rationale and construct. As a result, the RAeS will be hosting an international symposium of ATOs at its London, UK, HQ on Tuesday 17th September 2019, the day ahead of the RAeS International Flight Crew Training Conference on 'Modernising Flight Crew Training: Completing the Transformation', taking place from 18-19 September.

This one day International Symposium of Approved Training Organizations will be a significant milestone in progressing this work, with a keynote presentation from Stephen Creamer, Director of ICAO's Air Navigation Bureau.