QantasLink have come out on top of a new study looking at global female pilot employment.

Some 11.6 % of the Australian regional carrier's pilots are women, according to a study by German travel platform fromAtoB.

Britain's Flybe and Luxembourgian Luxair (both 10%) were next best, while Hawaiian Air topped the standings in North America with 9.6% of its fleet handled by women.

FromAtoB said the aviation industry was growing at a rate of 5-10%, annually, but the number of women entering the profession remained stagnant.

Estimates from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots show there are 7,409 female pilots globally. They account for 5.2 % of the global pilot workforce.

A number of companies have introduced new measures to encourage more women to undertake pilot training programs.

Russia's largest airline Aeroflot (1.4%) had the lowest percentage of women in its pilot pool, the study showed. Aeroflot employ nearly 4,200 pilots, but only 58 are female.

Some airlines opted out of the female pilot study, fromAtoB said.