43 Air School have become the sole distributors of the full Pipistrel Aircraft range in South Africa and Portugal.

The South African ATO said they conducted extensive research before deciding to visit Pipistrel factories where they flew most of the aircraft before making its decision.

Pipistrel scored high on 43's 10 point criteria, which included safety, durability, future sustainability and versatility.

“In my 40 years in the aviation industry, I have never seen anything as efficient as these aircraft," said 43 Air School CEO Attie Niemann. "The technology in manufacturing gives these aircraft a major advantage in efficiency on all fronts."

Pipistrel is a small aircraft designer and producer that holds an EASA Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation Approvals.

“Dealing with 43 Air School immediately felt right," said Ivo Boscarol, the Founder, Owner and President of Pipistrel Group. "I look forward to introducing exciting novelties and opportunities to Pipistrel enthusiasts in the region."

43 are Africa's leading ATO with branches in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Port Alfred. Having undergone a change in ownership earlier this year, they plan to expand to Europe.