Wings Alliance, a non-profit association of Flight Training Schools, has warned cadets not to enlist on unapproved UPRT courses.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will implement mandatory Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) from December 20th, which has caused some confusion for those in training. 

"An ATO cannot get approval for a UPRT course before 20th December," said Rod Wren, CEO of the Wings Alliance.

Wren said pilots needing an advanced UPRT soon after December 20th should follow the UK CAA issues on 'oversight reports'.

"The ‘oversight reports’ will confirm that...the theoretical knowledge and flying training described in the ATO's Training Manual meets the requirements of the currently published regulations," he said.

"Any required training delivered in compliance with it will be credited by the UK CAA in applications for any necessary additions to licences, certificates and ratings that may be required after that date.

"We are not aware of the arrangements in other EASA states. If this affects you, you should speak with your ATO to ensure that your course is valid.”

There are three types of UPRT.

Basic UPRT. Delivered as part of approved modular or integrated CPL or ATPL or MPL courses.

Advanced UPRT. May be stand-alone or combined with an Integrated or MPL course.

Class or Type-specific UPRT. Combined with multi-pilot class or type ratings.

Pilots must have completed an EASA approved Advanced UPRT course meeting the requirements of Part-FCL.745.A course before a multi-pilot class or type rating delivered after 20th December 2019