International Flight Training Center (IFTC) have agreed a deal with Jeppesen’s Boeing Learning System (BLS) to help pilots with EASA ATPL in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish company, a subsidiary of Gozen Holding, provides services to more than 80 airline businesses.

Boeing’s Jeppesen will assist the pilots with ICAO License who might have challenges to get EASA ATPL by providing a distance-learning platform and classroom courses under IFTC.

IFTC will act as a bridge between Boeing and the pilots. After the cadets pass all the exams, they can have their skill tests using the simulators in Turkey. The Istanbul facility boasts two B737NGs and two A320s, with a B737NG in Antalya. Pilots can complete all their procedures to get EASA ATPL in IFTC so don't need a Schengen Visa to Europe.

The announcement was made during the 2019 European Airline Training Symposium.