EagleMed critical care air medical transport company have had a Mobile Air Medical Education Unit built to simulate medical operations inside the company’s airplanes and helicopters that it’s using as a teaching aid for its clinical practitioners.

The trailer-based Mobile Air Medical Education Unit replicates the interior medical environments of the company’s 20 air medical transport airplanes and 14 air medical helicopters, and uses computer-controlled patient simulators from CAE and Gaumard Scientific to replicate human health symptoms and life functions. The patient simulators alone represent a $250,000 investment.

The Mobile Air Medical Education Unit can simulate nearly any air medical crew function EagleMed provides for its patients, says EagleMed Education Manager Jeff Prilliman. “We can replicate almost any clinical scenario related to emergency cardiovascular care, trauma patient care or medical emergencies in a real-life setting inside our aircraft.”

The 24-foot trailer has a fixed wing section and a rotor wing section that simulate the medical crew interior dimensions and configurations of EagleMed’s aircraft, complete with fully functional medical equipment and medications. It will travel to EagleMed’s more than 30 nationwide facilities each year to provide to its clinical crewmembers, who are required to complete five to six hours of equipment training and skills updates annually to refresh medical treatment competencies. EagleMed’s staff of critical care paramedics and Certified Flight Registered Nurses has advanced training in pediatric and adult care and maintain the highest level of competency and proficiency.