U.S. Navy Sailors from Fleet Surgical Team (FST) 9 took part in a mass-casualty, shipboard surgical trauma training exercise set up by Strategic Operations in San Diego. Strategic Operations staged a real world shipboard trauma unit that included an operating room and medevac helicopter environment.

Cmdr. Tuan Hoang, director of medical readiness division in (SURF PACK), organized the mass casualty drill to incorporate FST-9 and FST-1 corpsmen with specialized individual skills to work together cohesively in a safe and secure environment. Huang says it’s important for the team to train for real-world trauma care in a setting as realistic as possible – replicating the battlefield before sailors go into battle.

This was the first of six evolutions of this curriculum that will be held in during the next two years at Strategic Operations’ facility, according to Kit Lavell, the company’s executive vice president. “This particular training is different because we are doing a lot of science in this one. We are doing a lot of things to determine objective measurements and metrics to determine the efficacy of the training,” said Lavell.